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Theatre rules

Dress Code

In all ages a visit to the theatre was a festive occasion. Women donned their best evening attire and for their menfolk black tie was de rigueur. In our day, no one demands a strict dress code of visitors to the Bolshoi Theatre. In the mad hassle of Moscow life, a visit to the theatre comes, more often than not, at the end of the working day which rules out changing for the theatre. And, therefore, you will get away with a quite democratic dress form. You should not, however, take things to extremes: a man in shorts will not be allowed into the auditorium and women, in our view should keep to a decent dress style, bearing in mind that they may well be sitting next to people in full evening dress.
So, dress code is "no shorts and t-shirts, casual dress is allowed".


Full view and limited view seats

If you buy tickets online, you are guranteed to get full view seats only. If only limited view seats left - we will clearly let you know and provide such seats to you only after you confirm, that you agree to get limited view seats.


Safe baggage storage at the Bolshoi cloackroom (e.g. for same-day arrival or departure)

Your can leave outdoor clothing and any bulky parcels in the cloakrooms. E.g. if you arrive on the same day with the performance, you can go from the airport right to the theatre, without spending time to leave your baggage at your hotel. Bolshoi Theatre security service guarantee you safe storage.
At the New Stage there is 1 (one) cloakroom in the entrance vestibule on the ground-floor. At the Main Stage there are 5 (five) cloakrooms. One serves members of the audience from the stalls, amphitheatre, the lower boxes, dress circle and first circle (is located in the new lobby on the first underground floor). The second, third and fourth circles have their own cloakrooms.



When planning your visit to the Bolshoi Theatre you may rest assured we take your security very seriously. The closed circuit video cameras in and around the Theatre, the presence of security staff in the Theatre’s public spaces, the metal-detector search procedure at the Theatre entrances obligatory for all members of public and Theatre staff alike – are just the visible part of special measures guaranteeing your safety.


Your contribution to House security

Do not take any objects with you into the Theatre which may cause harm to, or inconvenience in any way, your fellow members of the audience. Remember that the reconstruction of the Main Stage lasted six years and thousands of people devoted to it their talents, labor and patience. If you are carrying on your person any sharp instruments, knives etc., you will not be admitted to any of the Theatre’s public spaces.


The Theatre and your children

At the age of 5 (FIVE) your children have the right to attend Bolshoi Theatre MATINEE (morning) performances, but they must have a ticket of their own. From the age of 10 (TEN), children can attend EVENING performances but, naturally, only if they are in possession of a ticket.


The rule of the third bell

No admittance to auditorium after curtain up. Having heard the third bell, you are to hurry to take your seat.


Taking pictures and filming

Photography and the use of videos and tape recorders are forbidden in all parts of the theatre.


Bunch of flowers

Flowers are not allowed in the auditorium. You can ask one of the box keepers on the ground floor to pass your bunch of flowers to any actor you like.


Access for the Disabled

The Bolshoi Theatre Main Stage has been equipped with facilities for the disabled so that they can enjoy performances with maximum comfort. Lifts and ramps make it possible for them to reach any level of the Theatre building and ensure them easy access to the auditorium. There are specially equipped toilets for the disabled on all levels of the building.


Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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