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Boris Eifman Ballet presents: "Rodin"

Cast to be announced
World premiere: Saint-Petersburg
Premiere of this production: 22 Nov 2011


Ballet by Boris Eifman

To music by Maurice Ravel, Camille Saint-Saens, Jules Massenet
Scenery: Zinoviy Margolin
Costumes: Olga Shaishmelashvili
Light: Gleb Filshtinsky, Boris Eifman

The production participates in the Golden Mask National Festival.

Rose Beuret

New ballet of Boris Eifman "Rodin" is dedicated to life and creative work of great sculptors Auguste Rodin and his apprentice, lover and muse Camille Claudel.
The story of their passionate relationship is full of drama. For 15 years Rodin and Claudel had been one sensual and creative body. But their breakup dealt a death blow to Camille’s mental health and marked the beginning of her destruction. Almost forgotten, isolated from the outside world, vegetating in misery, Claudel goes out of her mind. Her obsession about the deliberate conspiracy against her, of which she considered Rodin the main participant, has been a permanent torture for the woman’s mind depressed by her mental disease. For the whole of 30 years she had to spend her life in a mental asylum, where Camille died in 1943, forgotten and left by everyone.

The "Rodin" ballet of Boris Eifman is a massive artistic utterance about the tragic nature of life of geniuses. With the help of unique body language of the modern psychological ballet, which the choreographer had sharpened skillfully in his previous performances ("Onegin", "The Seagull", "Anna Karenina", "Russian Hamlet" and others), Eifman not only presents a new conception of the world of human passions studied masterfully by Rodin and Claudel in their works, but also creates a masterpiece dedicated to the incomprehensible mystery of the process of creation.

Boris Eifman:  "Life and love of Rodin and Claudel is an amazing story of two artists, in an incredibly dramatic alliance of which everything interlaced: passion, hatred, artistic jealousy. Spiritual and energetic interchange of two sculptors is a unique phenomenon: living together with Rodin, Camille was not only inspiring him, helping to find a new style and to create masterpieces, but also was going through the impetuous development of her own talent, actually, she was transforming into a great master.

After her breakup with Rodin, Claudel begins to plunge into the darkness of insanity. The soul of a poor woman is burnt to ashes with the pathological hatred to her former teacher and lover man, who had stolen, in Camille’s opinion, her life and gift. Rodin’s longing for his muse, torments of his conscience and delusion of Camille, or the insane Erinye, which her ruthless destiny had turned her to, the delusion caused by her mental disease and full of sick obsessions – all of these are reflected in the new ballet.

With the help of body language we talk in our performance about passion, internal struggle, despair – about all of those life phenomena of human spirit, which are brilliantly expressed by Rodin and Camille in bronze and marble. To turn a moment frozen in stone into an irrepressible sensuous stream of body movements is what I was striving for when creating this new ballet performance.

"Rodin" is a contemplation about the unreasonable price which geniuses have to pay for creation of eternal masterpieces, and also about those torments and mysteries of creation process which will always disturb minds of artists ".

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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