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"Benois de la Danse" Awarding Ceremony and Prize Winners Ballet Gala

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The Benois de la Danse is a major international dance prize for ballet professionals produced in cooperation with the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, each year the nominees include dancers from around the world.

On 20 June 2023 on the Historic stage of the Bolshoi Theatre will take place Festival Benois de la Danse — 2023 under the artistic leadership of Yuri Grigorovich. 
The participants of the galas are nominees to the Prize — 2023 and laureates of different years.


“The ballet theatre is unique. Different periods of the history of the dancing art live together in harmony on its stage. The staging, the librettos and the scores never reach a forgotten old age. Of all the theater arts, this timeless harmony is possible only in ballet. The task of Benois De La Danse is to honour the extraordinary events in the colorful world of dance, merging classical ballet with contemporary and modern productions.”

Yury Grigorovich
President of the International Dance Union,
Chairman of the Jury of BENOIS DE LA DANSE,
Choreographer of Bolshoi Theatre of Russia,


About project

International ballet prize by "Benoits de la of dans" ("Benois de la danse") is awarded yearly for the most salient works in the region of choreography in last year. This only in its kind ballet reward of press from the very beginning was named "ballet Oscar".

Prize is founded in Moscow by the international association of the workers of choreography, the now international union of the workers of choreography, and it is represented for the first time in 1991 on the scene of the Bolshoi theater.

Organizer of project - Public Noncommercial Organization "Center of Benoits". The President of union, salient choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, are the artistic leader of project and, on the post, by the chairman of judges.

The yearly changed international judges, which consists of the most authoritative workers of world choreography - leaders of the largest ballet companies, salient choreographers, well-known teachers, the stars of world ballet, advances nominantov and, working for a period of year, as a result are determined best.

Prize of the Benois de la danse Author of the statuette of prize - well-known Parisian sculptor Igor Ustinov, the representative of the renowned family of the Benoits.

The presentation of prize is devoted to the international Day of Dance - on 29 April - Declared UNESCO. The conquerors of prize on all nominations declare during the yearly charitable "Benois de la danse - Gala" the stars of ballet - laureates and degree students of prize.

In 1992 the prize by "Benoits de la of dans" is accepted under patronazh OF UNESCO, in 1996 it is included in the program OF UNESCO "world decade of culture". In 2002 the ministry of culture of the Russian Federation included project into the federal program the "cultural heritage of Russia". Federal agency on culture and cinematography lends financial and organizational support project.

Since 2003 the project was enlarged to the framework of the festival, in program of which in 2004, besides the traditional evening of the presentation of prize and charitable Gala-concert of those rewarded, on 23 February in the London theater of sedlers Wales even on 28 April in the Bolshoi theater in Moscow took place the Gala-concerts the "Stars OF BENOITS DE LA dans - laureates of different years".



From the history of prize

First four years the presentation of prize "BENOITS DE LA DANS" passed to the Bolshoi theater of Russia. The five-year anniversary of prize was noted solemn gala in the palace OF UNESCO in Paris (1996). Then the scene of national theater in Warsaw (1997) assumed prize, State Kremlin palace (1998), Berlin Shtatsopera (1999), Shtatsteatr in Stuttgart (2000).

The tenth anniversary, eleventh and twelfth presentations of prize and BENOIT DE LA DANS - Gala of laureates (2002, 2003, 2004) they again passed in Moscow on the scene of the Bolshoi theater.

In 2005 - on 26 April on the scene of the Bolshoi theater of Russia take place the sequential thirteenth presentation of prize and the charitable Gala-concert of those rewarded; - on 27 April there - the Gala-concert of ballet the "Stars OF BENOITS DE LA dans - the laureates of different years".

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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