The Three Pintos (Comic opera in three acts)

Cast to be announced

Director - Gennady Rozhdestvensky

Director and choreographer - Mikhail Kislyarov

Production Designer - Sergey Barkhin

Conductor and choirmaster - Alexey Vereshchagin

Lighting Designer — Vladimir Ivakin

Computer graphics - Asya Mukhina

Director - Valery Fedorenko

Assistant to costume designer - Svetlana Lecht


"The Three Pintos" - a unique opera, which has no analogues in the world musical theatre. Its originality lies, first of all, in double authorship: Gustav Mahler composed it according to the sketches of Karl Maria von Weber.

"The Three Pintos" was supposed to be the only comic opera by K.M. Weber's background - the creator and great master of the romantic operatic tradition. The composer borrowed the plot from the short story “The Battle for the Bride” by K. Seidel. Its action provides many opportunities for creating a sparkling comedy: funny, lively dialogues, intrigues with disguise, an exotic Spanish flavour! And most importantly - the bright characters of the characters: the stupid dodger Don Pinto, the deceiver and inventor Don Gaston, the charming modest don Donna Clarissa, the funny Don Gomez in his endless nobility and the caricature tyrant Don Pantaleone.

Weber worked intermittently on the opera until the end of his life, but he never completed it. After his death, an almost detective story began on deciphering the manuscripts, which the widow Carolina tried to pass on to one or another composer in the hope that her great husband's opera would still be finished and see the light of the ramp. But no one agreed. Maitre of the French opera Giacomo Meyerbeer attempted to take on "The Three Pintos", but twenty years later (!) Returned the pristine drafts to the Weber family, not daring to finish the opera of his friend and colleague.

And only in 1886, when Weber, his grandson, Carl Weber, Jr., celebrated the centenary of his birth, was succeeded in persuading a young conductor of the Vienna Opera and composer Gustav Mahler to finish "The Three Pintos".

The premiere took place on January 20, 1888, in the New State Theater in Leipzig under the control of Mahler himself. Few today remember that this event brought Gustav the first international recognition as a composer and conductor. Maler was able not only to complete the opera but to catch and convey the style and spirit of Weber's music. As a result, a unique work was born, owing its existence to two great German composers at once, separated in time by more than half a century intervals. Even more interesting is that the Three Pintos remained the only (and therefore especially valuable) experience of the great symphonist Mahler in the opera genre.

The stage fate of the opera was not easy. After the death of Mahler in 1911, she gradually disappeared from the European repertoire. The revival of interest in it began in the second half of the 20th century, and in the last fifteen years, opera quite often appears in the West in posters of theatres and festivals.

The idea of staging the opera "The Three Pintos" in the Chamber Music Theater. BA Pokrovsky belongs to his musical director, an outstanding conductor and musical leader, People’s Artist of the USSR Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Gennady Nikolayevich Rozhdestvensky, a brilliant expert on Russian and foreign music, is known as an expert on the little-known and forgotten masterpieces of the classical heritage. His great erudition and impeccable musical taste are a reliable guarantee that each composition he chooses is of artistic value and is of undoubted interest for all amateur and professional musical theatre.

The starting point for creating a visual and plastic image of the play was the work of Marcel Marceau - the legendary French actor-mime, whose 90th birthday was celebrated by the whole world in 2013. In the production of the director and choreographer Mikhail Kislyarov, this unpretentious comedy of characters and positions appeared as a light, fun and ingenious performance.

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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