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Evening of One-act Ballets: "The Firebird", "The Rite of Spring"

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The unique author's ballet theater - the State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet under the direction of Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev - is loved by audiences from different generations and different countries.

For four decades, outstanding choreographers have created an interesting repertoire that includes original versions of great classical ballets, careful historical reconstructions, but it is always based on original works by choreographers themselves - ballet incarnations of classical and modern music, many of which were world premieres.

The troupe of the theater is famous for its wonderful soloists, who work under the guidance of remarkable teachers and tutors, who in the past were leading soloists of the Bolshoi Theater, who convey the best traditions of the national ballet school. Several generations of highly professional ballet dancers were brought up in the theater, many of whom won prestigious international awards, including awards from the Paris Academy of Dance, winners of prestigious ballet competitions, and real stars of not only the Russian, but also the world stage.



"The Firebird"

In a certain kingdom, in a certain state, Ivan Tsarevich and Tsarevna Beauty Beloved lived. The time has come - they fell in love with each other. Then one day they went for a walk and wandered into the dense forest.

And that forest was not simple, but magical. This was the filthy kingdom of the evil Koshchei the Immortal. He himself slept, swinging on iron chains, and next to him is a luminous egg, and in him the death of Koshchei. On the branches sits the Firebird - pecks the golden apples.

But the Tsarevich and Tsarevna do not notice anything, everyone kisses, but they have mercy. But Koschey began tossing and turning in a dream. Stirred, revived the treasured forest, the Firebird flew, dropped the feather. Ivan Tsarevich and rushed after that feather of fire. Remained Tsarevna Krasa Beloved alone in the dark forest. Around Okayashki, and Biliboshka - Koshcheev’s servants. Scurry, pinch her, tickle her. Scary Princess, she cried. And Koschey held out his hand, touched it, and the Princess froze as dead. And Ivan chased, chased the feather, and he caught the Firebird itself. And Ivan sees that it’s not at all a Firebird, but the Queen of Overseas. Ivan liked her and was bewitched by Tsarina Zamorskaya so that he forgot his beloved Beloved Beauty.

And as I recollected myself, the loving Firebird began to conjure again. She called the twelve princesses and all are like two drops of water on the bride Ivanova are like - choose a pier. And the Princesses, too, were bewitched. The girls and Ivan began to play blind man's blouses, and he recognized his beloved by her affectionate handles, but by her quivering heart. Engaged the Princess-girlfriend of Ivan with his bride.

The Firebird got angry, Koshchei woke up and all the filthy army rushed after Ivan and his bride. The princesses scattered in different directions. He did not catch Koschey's lovers, and he called the Serpent Gorynych himself. And the Serpent flew in. They captivated Ivan and Beloved Beloved and her girlfriends that Koshchei disobeyed. And again the Firebird enchants - he wants to lure Ivan.

But Ivan gathered with all his mighty strength and defeated the Serpent of Gorynych, and the sacred egg, where Koschey’s death was stored, breaks the ground. Here Koschey came to an end, and the Firebird was left with nothing.

And at that very instant the Kingdom of Poganoe disappeared, and instead a city appeared, snow-covered with golden domes. Enchanted girls lived. The Knights of the Great wrapped them in warm scarves, and played the wedding of Ivan Tsarevich and Tsarevna Krasna Beloved.

"The Rite of Spring"

Slavic tribe gathers for the holy spring holiday.
By the choice of Frenzied, one of the girls should be sacrificed to the god of the Sun.
The beloved Shepherd becomes the chosen one, who is not able to save her.
In a Shepherd, a protest boils up against cruelty and barbarism.

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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