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Rose Jurgen (Costume Designer)

Jurgen Rose

Costume Designer

Was borne in 1937 in g. bernburge (Germany). It learned in Berlin in the academy of skills and the theatrical school. The first experiment of theatrical work acquired in the theater of Darmstadt even to the end of academy - it took to himself by assistant well-known German director Gustav Rudolf zel‘ner. In 1959-60 yr. Jurgen Rose is artist and stsenografom of the urban theater of Ulm. In 1961 during the work in The shtutgartskom theater on the formulation of play on U. Shakespeare‘s play "as to you this will be pleased" it becomes acquainted with the leader Of shtutgartskogo ballet John krenko, and that proposes to it to design ballet "Romeos and Juliette" Of s. Prokofiev. Their collaboration continues to death itself Krenko, that followed in 1973. Among the ballets Krenko, to which Rose created decoration and suits: the "swan lake" Of p. Tschaikovsky (1964) the "firebird" Of i. stravinskiy (1964)"Onegin" to P. Tschaikovsky‘s music in the working By k. kh.Shtol‘tse (1965)"initials R B M E." to the music Of i. Brahms "poem of ecstasy" to the music Of a. skryabin (1970) the "taming of obstinate" to D. skarlatti‘s music in the working By k. kh.Shtol‘tse (1969) The ballets of Kr3nko- Rose "Onegin", "taming of obstinate" and especially by "Romeos and Juliette" went around the largest scenes of peace and, until now they use acknowledgement in public. In the 60‘s Jurgen Rose begins to collaborate also with other ballet companies. In particular, shapes the ballet of Kenneth Macmillan "koncherto" to the music Of d. Shostakovic (1967) and the ballet Of a. Adam‘s "Zhizel‘" in setting Of a. Tudor in the German opera (Berlin), setting mudflow Franks - "nut cracker" Of p. Tschaikovsky (1964) and "Cinderella" Of s. Prokofiev (1968) for the national ballet of Canada (Toronto). In 1972 he for the first time shapes John noymayer‘s ballets, set for the company Frankfort ballet, the "kiss of fairy" to the music Of p. Tschaikovsky (then in the American ballet theater, 1974 and Hamburg ballet, 1975) and "Daphnis Khloya" Of m. ravelya (Gamburgskiy ballet, 1973; Viennese state opera, 1983; Dresden Semper- leaned, 1996) It also created decoration and suits to the following ballets Of noymayera: "nut cracker" (royal Vinnipegskiy ballet, Winnipeg, 1972, the ballet of Bavarian state opera, Munich, 1973; Hamburg ballet, 1974; Parisian national opera, 1993; Dresden Semper- leaned, 1997)"illusions as" swan lake "to the music of ballet" the swan lake Of "p. Tschaikovsky (Gamburgskiy ballet, 1976)" sleep on the summer night "to the music Of f. mendel‘son and D. Ligeti (Gamburgskiy ballet, 1977; Royal Danish ballet, Copenhagen, 1980; Parisian national opera, 1982; Viennese state opera, 1986; Royal Swedish ballet, Stockholm, 1990; Bavarian state opera, 1993; Dresden Semper- opera, 2002) the "latent beauty" Of p. Tschaikovsky (Gamburgskiy ballet, 1978)"lady with the camellias" to the music Of f. Chopin (Shtutgarskiy ballet, 1978; Hamburg ballet, 1981; Bavarian state opera, 1997)"Punchinello" Of i. stravinskiy (second version, Viennese state opera, 1983; Hamburg ballet, 1985)"per of gyunt" to the music Of a. shnitke (Gamburgskiy is ballet, 1989; Royal Swedish ballet, Stockholm, 1992) the "history of Cinderellas" ("Cinderella") S. Prokofiev (Gamburgskiy ballet, 1992) In 1987 it designed the "latent beauty" for Marsii Hyde. Since 1970 of Rose it began to work in the opera. It came out as stsenografa on the settings in the Hamburg state opera, the opera of Stuttgart, Nemetskoy to opera (Berlin), the Viennese state opera, the London theater Of kovent-Garden, the milanskom la of Scala and others. It repeatedly shaped plays into Metro- opera, including "Salome" (1989) and "Electris" R. Strauss (1992), "Tristan and Isolde" Of r. Wagner (1999). Regularly he collaborated with the Bavarian state opera - first only as the artist ("magic flute", "so they act all women" and the "wedding of the bolero" Of v. a.Motsart, "Nuremberg meysterzingery" Of r. Wagner, the "sold bride" Of b. smetany, "free of pointers" K. m. von veber). And then after his producer debut in the Bonn opera ("Traviata" G. Verdi, "magic flute") as the artist, and director ("the cavalier of rose", placed together with Otto by Schenk; the "Don Carlos" G. Verdi, 2000, "the Chanterelle- cheat" Of l. yanachek, 2002). In 2003 at the Salzburg festival passed world of the premier of opera "upupa and the triumph of the related love" Of kh. v.Khentse in his setting. Dramatic theater also fell into the sphere of its activity. Since 1961 on 2001-1 Jurgen Rose was constant stsenografom and artist on the suits of chamber theater in Munich. It also shaped plays in the Berlin theater of Shiller and Munich Rezidentsteatre. Among the settings designed by it plays on the plays "sleep on the summer night", "anything" ("the twelfth night"), "divided into three Kressida" and the "king of the lira" U. Shakespeare, the "robbers" Of f. Shiller, "klavigo", "tasso" and "Faust I" I. v.Gete, "death of Danton" and Of g. Buechner‘s "Votstsek", "Platonov" and the "cherry garden" Of a. Chekhov, the "dance Of a. strindberg‘s death". With 1973- GO according to 2000 Jurgen Rose conducted the class of stsenografii in the academy of Stuttgart‘s skills. Collaborates (in the opera and drama) with the directors by Peter shtayn, Thomas landkhoff, By diterom by mandrel, by August By everdingom, Otto by Schenk, Dzhankarlo Dale of Monaco, by mandrel and by others.

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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