Maestro Vladimir

Artistic Director

Vladimir spivakov - violinist conductor, prominent public worker the Maecenas, about whom Leonard Bernstein spoke: "gold heart, able fingers, gold soul.

Vladimir spivakov belongs to musical Olympus ".

Vladimir spivakov obtained the bright school in famous teacher, the professor of Moscow conservatory Yuri yankelevich. An enormous effect had on musician his second teacher and idol David oystrakh. In thirteen years Vladimir spivakov earned the first reward at the competition "twilight nights" in Leningrad and made a debut on the scene of the large hall of Leningrad conservatory. Then the talent of violinist was honored the rewards of the prestige international competitions: the name Of m.Long and Zh.Tibo in Paris (1965), name Of paganini in genoa (1967), competition in Montreal (1969, THE I reward) and the competition of the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo in Moscow (1970, THE II reward).

In 1975 after the triumphal solo concerts of Vladimir spivakov in THE USA begins his bright international career. It comes out as the soloist with the best symphonic orchestras of peace, among which the philharmonic orchestras of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Vienna, London and New York, orchestra To kontsertgebau, the symphonic orchestras of Paris, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Cleveland under control of the outstanding conductors of the present Of e.Mravinskogo, Ye.Svetlanova, Yu.Temirkanova, M.Rostropovicha, L.Bernstayna, S.Ozavy, L.Maazelya, K.M.Dzhulini, To r.Muti, K.Abbado. The leading musical criticisms of peace write about such characteristic features of Spivakova- soloist as deep penetration into the author‘s concept, wealth, beauty and the volume of sound, thin nyuansirovka, emotional action on the audience, bright artistic taste, culture.

Up to 1997 Vladimir spivakov the violin of the work of master Francesco Gobetti, presented to it by professor Yankelevichem. Since 1997 Of spivakov it plays on the tool of the work of Antonio stradivari, whom communicated to it into the lifelong use the Maecenases - worshippers of its talent.

In 1979 Vladimir spivakov with the group of musician- adherents creates chamber orchestra the "virtuosos of Moscow" and becomes its permanent artistic leader, conductor and soloist. To the dirizherskomu craftsmanship of the maestro Of spivakov was trained in the renowned professor of Israel Guzman in Russia and the great conductors Lorin Maazelya and Leonard Bernstein in THE USA. Bernstein, on the completion of instruction, presented To spivakovu his dirizherskuyu rod, from which he does not part to this day. As the conductor of the maestro Of spivakov it appears in the largest concert halls of peace with the leading orchestras, among which London, Chicago, Filadel‘fiyskiy, Cleveland, Budapest symphonic; the orchestras of the Theatre la Scala and academy Santa -Cecili4, Cologne philharmonic society and French radio, the best Russian orchestras.

Extensive of diskografiya of Vladimir spivakov - soloist and of conductor - includes more than 40 CDS with the records of the musical works of different styles and epochs: from the music of European baroque to the works of the composers KHKH of the century - Prokofiev, Shostakovic, Penderetskogo, To shnitke, Pyarta, Kancheli, Shchedrin and Gubaydulinoy. The majorities of records were realized by a musician at firm BMG Classics, part - to Capriccio.

In 1989 Vladimir spivakov creates international musical festival in Kolmar (France), musical leader of whom he is up to now. In the festival the outstanding musicians participated: M.Rostropovich, I.Menukhin, Ye.Svetlanov, K.Penderetskiy, zh. van I will give, Dzh.Norman, R.Kholl, K.Tsimmerman, T.Kvastkhoff, M.Plasson, Ye.Kisin, V.Repin, N.Luganskiy, V.Kraynev. Since 1989 Vladimir spivakov - member of the judges of known international competitions (in Paris, genoa, London, Montreal) and the President of the competition of the violinists of name To sarasate in Spain. In 1994 Of spivakov assumes from N.Mil‘shteyna the relay race on conducting of yearly master- classes in Zurich. Vladimir spivakov is the constant of the judges of the charitable foundation and independent reward "triumph", yearly takes part in the work of the World economical forum in Davos (Switzerland) as the ambassador OF UNESCO.

Many years Vladimir spivakov tselenapravlenno deals with active public and charitable activities. Together with the orchestra the "virtuosos of Moscow" he gave concerts in Armenia immediately after the earthquake of 1988; it came out in the Ukraine three days after Chernobyl‘ catastrophe; they carry ouied numerous concerts for the former prisoners of Stalin camps, hundred of charitable concerts in entire former Soviet Union. In 1994 is created the international charitable foundation of Vladimir spivakov, whose activity is directed toward the accomplishment both of the humanitarian and creative- educational objectives: an improvement in the position of child- orphans and aid to sick children, the creation of conditions for the creative development of young talents - acquisition of musical tools, the isolation of allowances and Grants, the participation of the most talented musicians of children‘s and youthful age in the concerts of orkestra"Virtuozy of Moscow", the organization of international artistic exhibitions with the participation of the work of young artists. In the years of existence fund rendered aid to thousands of children and young gifts for the sum into several hundred thousands of dollars. Vladimir spivakov is honored title the people artist OF THE USSR (1989), it is rewarded with State Prize TO THE USSR (1989) and order of friendship of peoples (1993).

In 1994 in connection with the fiftieth anniversary musician rossiyskiy the center of space studies named one of the minor planets its name. In 1996 to artist was presented a medal "for the merits" OF THE III degree (Ukraine). In 1999 for the contribution to development of world musical culture Vladimir spivakov is rewarded with the highest state rewards of a whole series of the countries: by the order of the officer of skills and elegant literature (France), by the order of holy Mesropa Of mashtotsa (Armenia), by order "for the service tos the fatherland" OF THE III degree (Russia). In 2000 the musician is honored the order of honorable legion (France). During May 2002 to Vladimir spivakov was appropriated the title of the honorable doctor of the Moscow State University of the name Of m.V.Lomonosova.

From September 1999, together with the rukovodstvomGosudarstvennym chamber orchestra "virtuosos of Moscow", Vladimir spivakov he was artistic leader and chief conductor of Russian national orchestra. During September 2002 it before the appointed time left its post. But during January 2003 he became artistic leader and chief conductor of the based with it national philharmonic orchestra of Russia. From April 2003 Vladimir spivakov is the President of the Moscow international house of music.

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